Dr. Moga was extremely easy to talk to! She set me right at ease and took me seriously. If I told her I didn’t agree with an assessment or statement, she justified it more thoroughly without ever telling me outright that I was wrong. Her questions were very astute and well directed. In the first appointment, after only about 45 minutes, she asked if I had ever been diagnosed with a certain condition. When I said no, she told me the reasons she thought I might have it, looked up the diagnostics and went through them with me to see if I agreed. At this point I’m shocked none of my other psychiatrists didn’t catch it, because in hindsight it seems so obvious! Dr. Moga is a doctor who will not hand you a diagnosis before making sure you understand it, and that’s really valuable! What’s more, when I told Dr. Moga that I will be moving soon, she was extremely accommodating, scheduling my next two followup appointments within the week.

– E.G.

I really appreciated my visits with Dr. Moga. She helped me during a particularly stressful time in grad school. I highly recommend her! She was easy to talk to, experienced and reliable.

– M.C.

Dr. Moga was attentive and patient and got me on a medication combination that finally had me stable after years of trying different medications.

– R.M.

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